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Hello, My Name is Dr. Philip Agrios.
As I went through the death of my father and mother, a treacherous divorce, financial ruin, a physical disability that caused me to shut my practice down, I thought the stress was going to kill me. I remember nights praying and promising that if I found my way out of the hole I felt buried in, I swore I would help every single person I can to overcome life's unbearable stress.

I wake up everyday grateful that my prayers were finally answered.
The American Psychological Association States:
  • Stress is linked to the six leading causes of death - heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver, and suicide.
  • 75% to 90% of all physician office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints
  • 43% of all adults suffer adverse health effects from stress
Stress leads to fear, frustration or depression and they can steal your life from you.

Financial challenges, relationship struggles, job issues, poor health ... Life can sometimes feel like one burden on top of another burden, on top of another burden… 

But when you really stop and think about it ... STRESS is triggered by a first STEP

For each of us, there’s ONE THING that triggers a stress response, whether an emotion, thought, or event.
Imagine knowing the ONE THING (your SABOTAGING TRAIT) that starts all of your stress... 

But then... 
Imagine knowing the ONE THING (your STRESS ANTIDOTE) that helps you transform that same stress into SUCCESS!
By using your stress antidote ... your specific solution to combat your sabotaging behavior in stressful scenarios... YOU immediately transform the ONE THING that sets off a series of steps leading to anger, sadness, helplessness, and thousands of emotions and problems once initiated.

Your Stress Antidote stops stress dead in its tracks ... IMMEDIATELY...

Twenty five years ago, I set off to find the answer to why this ONE TRAIT caused all of the stress or despair and frustration in my life AND I FOUND IT. Once the antidote worked for me, I suspected that the same changes would occur for others. Over 20 years of research, the clinical trials in my practice have led to a discovery that has helped thousands of people.

It is in my heart to help people truly heal their lives. When I realized I could help ANYONE heal their life stress, my mission became crystal clear.
One Domino. Two Choices. Two Potential Outcomes.
Imagine a single domino that has a choice to go in two directions...

Each direction sets off a chain reaction - the one produces desperation and the other inspiration. 
One domino chain leading to missed opportunities and the other leading to a loving life. 

In order to attain inspiration instead of desperation, you only have to know push the domino in the right direction and everything else automatically falls into place.

That’s exactly what happens to us when we get overwhelmed by stress.

Most people don’t stop and say…

     “OK, I have to do this first and then I do this and then I do that so that I can try to get a handle on this.”

No. They immediately drop into a sequence of subconscious steps to handle the stress they're experiencing. 

Sometimes you probably ask yourself when it’s over…

    “Why does this always happen to me???“

    "Why do I do that?"

    “Why can’t I control myself?"
What if you could answer those questions and FINALLY OVERCOME THESE INNATE SABOTAGING TACTICS once and for all?!
YES! You Can Transform Your Sabotaging Trait from Your Biggest Challenge Into Your Greatest Strength!
Once you find your personal SABOTAGING TRAIT ... 

You will understand why things aren’t working out for you - again and again, over and over... leaving you confused, frustrated and disappointed in yourself to no end.

But there's even more good news...

You will also discover YOUR STRESS ANTIDOTE.

Your Stress Antidote is the exact opposite to your SABOTAGING TRAIT.

Going back to our domino example, empowered with this new secret, insider, knowledge...

You can then push that first domino in the direction that will produce the positive chain reaction that helps you manifest your inspired life. A life you will love. YOUR BEST LIFE. Even better... when you learn to use YOUR STRESS ANTIDOTE for your greatest good, it is virtually an impossibility to trigger that "negative" (not desired) chain reaction of desperation.
Imagine a Life of Transforming Your Stress into Success Like These Amazing People...
Success Stories

John Castagini - Author "Thank God I" Book Series

"Dr Agrios  is the stress handling king.
The simplicity of discovering the one trait that starts your stress reactions and in turn one straightforward  powerful solution on how to handle any stressful situation with ease, is astonishing.

I highly recommend "Your Stress Antidote - Get Immediate Relief!"

Mary Zennett, MD, Board Certified Psychiatrist

Author, "Health For US All: The Transformation of US Healthcare"

“Within minutes, I uncovered a block that held my business back for years from reaching its fullest potential.  The moment I discovered it, I knew deep within it was right.

Since then, I am manifesting success where I had seemed to bear a standstill - thank you so much, Dr Agrios!”

Aristotelis E. Vlahos, M.D. – Board Certified Cardiologist

“The Stress Antidote gave me ways to make some crucial decisions in my life and it worked every time I followed it. When I didn’t, the same old patterns and results emerged. I was very skeptical at first but when I went through the program, it made it very clear to me what I was doing in my past that caused me to end up in those situations.

Then I discovered my solution but it was just one simple thing to do. I didn’t believe it at first. So instead of brushing it off as “too simple,” I put it into action and there I saw the genius of Dr Agrios’ work. Simple is powerful!  I have highly recommended this program to my patients who have seen significant changes as well.”  

Thomas Whalen – VP of CMBS Trading

"Using Dr. Agrios' method to find my Antidote had an immediate impact on me. After finding my sabotaging trait through the simple introspection method Dr. Agrios lays out in the program, I found my stress antidote and started to put it to work.

Right away I noticed a change in how I handled stress at work and in my personal life. In addition, using the antidote helped me develop a clearer strategy at furthering my career which helped me get to where I am today.

I can't recommend the product highly enough to others faced with challenges in their own life. I will continue to use the Antidote throughout my personal life and in my career in any stressful situations that arise."

Liz Ermann, CDA - Dental Assistant 

“The Stress Antidote I have been using, is changing my relationships with people for the better.

When I used it, it worked immediately. I was amazed how quickly it worked and it helped me to deal with the loss of my mother.”

Liz Wenslauskas, DDS - Dentist

"Your Stress Antidote is unique  in that it actually WORKS!!! By following his program, one can learn what causes you as a unique individual to stress and reconditions you to respond to it differently - in a favorable way.

By the end of the program, you will recondition how you react to stressful events. His program allowed me to truly accomplish my main goal which is live in the moment stress free since this is all we can truly control and all that truly matters. It reminded me that where i am at this moment is exactly where I am supposed to be."

Brandon Leiva - High School Freshman

" I used the the stress antidote program that has been shown to deal with the dilemma of being cut by my school baseball team. When I did not make the team I was mortified. I love to look at the bright side of things, but I was not able to find one in this particular situation. I was unable to keep my emotions in check to the point where I even cried.

When I started the program, I wondered if this would be able to help me get past these murmuring thoughts of baseball tryouts, even though several months had already past. Once I began, I realized that this was what I needed all along. Using my anti5dote, I was able to find my peace with not making the team.

I realized why I felt the way I did and was able to understand and fix these emotions. I still use my antidote In many situations to overcome the negativity of any situation and it works really well."

Janice Volk, PT - Physical Therapist

"Your Stress Antidote program and exercises presented me with an “AHA” moment. 

In personal and business situations, learning to uncover my stress antidote for resolving conflicts produced immediate and optimal results.

It introduced me to a profound method of implementing new coping techniques. As a business owner, I was immediately able to successfully resolve both small and large problems, thanks to the program.

I have truly been transformed.

I encourage everyone to explore these techniques and this well-defined approach to Self-discovery. "

Kristen Klingler - Process Development Engineer

"After discovering my stress antidote through Dr. Agrios' program, I started to incorporate it into my daily life and found it started to work immediately.  

I tend to become overly emotional when faced with stress.  By focusing on my  antidote first, I found I was able to process previously stressful situations in a calmer and more constructive manner.

I noticed a significant improvement in my emotional state when under stress - even after just a few days!"

Kosta Linardakis, DC -  Chiropractor

“I was amazed how easily it was to know the exact part of me that was guiding me to make decisions in my life that were not in my best interest. Once I started to use my stress antidote, it quickly started to work. I couldn't believe not only how simple it was to use but the powerful results I was achieving.

Once this occurred, I was able to remove certain people from my life so I could grow and enjoy it.” 
Time to Become Your Own Before-and-After Story. 
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Well, you should probably first ask yourself...
"How much success is your stress costing you?"
Every minute you go without this program, you are just continuing to repeat long-existing, inborn ideas, behaviors and patterns that just aren't working. If they were, you wouldn't have read this far. Don't you deserve to finally have the success in every area of your life that you have only imagined? 
Based on what my personal coaching clients pay for this transformative material and education, the value of this offer is $1997.
But you're not going to pay a fraction of that. 
For a LIMITED TIME ONLY the first 50 people to respond to this offer get the entire program + the 2 bonuses for $497! (or 3 payments of $197)
And even better... You can try it 100% risk-free.
I know your money and time are valuable. I honor and respect that. 
Thus, if you are not 100% satisfied with this program for any reason, you can let me know and you'll receive a 100% refund - no questions asked - and you'll get to keep the materials AND the bonuses. 
No catch. I'm just that sure you'll experience such dramatic success when you discover your Stress Antidote that you will be more-than-satisfied... you'll be downright elated.
So Don't Delay...
Get "Your Stress Antidote" and Get IMMEDIATE RELIEF!
You'll instantly get simple, easy-to-follow and implement, formulas that will FINALLY let you understand WHY and HOW to STOP SABOTAGING YOURSELF & LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!
Now For Just $497 (or 3 Payments of $197) for Only a
There is Absolutely No Risk!
I am offering you…
A 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
60 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
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One-On-One Consulting Success Stories ...

Jeanne Dunn, RN, JD - Registered Nurse and Attorney

"When I started with Dr Agrios, I truly did not know how it would change my life.

I was diagnosed with type II diabetes and psoriasis in 2006. I suffered from the effects of leaky gut including gastrointestinal issues, brain fog, allergies and aching joints.

Working with Dr Agrios nutritionally and dealing with my stress, I no longer have the craving for sugar and carbohydrates and control my diabetes with diet alone.  My other autoimmune symptoms have almost disappeared.

Stress Antidote Program, allowed me to discover my subconscious pattern of reacting to situations and stop sabotaging my chance for success and peace in the past. I now utilize the Stress Antidote in every situation and find that I am capable of stepping back, assessing the situation and executing a competent plan rather than getting caught up in "side shows" and ego driven issues when I was under stress. In fact I am not even aware that I am thinking differently until I reflect on how my life has changed since last June.

I was faced with several traumatic events, one health, others involving family issues during the past year and his guidance and his program was invaluable.

 I am healthier at 71than I was 30 years ago."

Suzanne Brand - Business Owner

"Dr. Agrios' program transformed my life in many ways.  When a virus attacked my body, I lived for over a year on my own devices and I could not get well.  I was truly at rock bottom filled with pain, fear, depression, anxieties, toxins, insecurities as well as feeling alone and misunderstood.

The daily struggle I endured was filled with sorrow as I suffered through each day.  I was not sure how much longer I could endure this lifestyle. 

Thankfully I was recommended to Dr. Agrios by a friend and this is where the story changes from bleak to promising.  I can say without any hesitation that Dr. Agrios is an amazing doctor, healer, advisor, confidant and friend.

He continually encouraged me and had confidence in me even when I did not.  He had the strength when I did not. He listens without judgment and always knew how to make me feel better. His coaching program immediately allowed me to understand and identify my personality in order to adjust my behaviors to better deal with my surroundings and most importantly to value myself. This was most useful throughout my healing process. 

Dr. Agrios is patient, kind, available, wise, considerate and his entire program from start to finish aids in healing mind, body and spirit.  I am blessed to have had the opportunity to work with him and am happy to report my health has been restored."

Alina Cheviakova - Account Executive

“I initially saw Dr. Agrios for an assessment of my hormone levels as I was breaking out quite frequently. I was put on a three month program which entailed taking oral supplements and a diet plan.

Now, I have clear healthy skin, with an occasional blemish or two during my menstrual cycle.

I had a serious of unfortunate events that occurred in my personal life. Dr. Agrios was there for me mentally and emotionally through this dark period of my life. He provided me with guidance on how to handle and deal with all the stress that was going on in my life.

The tools that Dr. Agrios provided me during that time especially my stress antidote, helped me deal with all the stress and I was able to triumph through this dark period. Once I started properly implementing those stress tools I was able to find immediate relief.

I was able to prevail from all the negative aspects that had occurred and grow tremendously as an individual. Dr. Agrios is truly a rare gem who genuinely cares about ones well being and will give you the proper guidance and tools to help you overcome any obstacles you may have in your life..”

Tedi Pascarella – College Student

"For the past 2 and a half years, I have suffered from constant weight battles and lethargic lack of energy. I have exercised vigorously and eaten ‘healthy’ but was still not able to lose a pound. Meeting Dr. Agrios has changed my life.

After extensive testing, he discovered I had functional hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue. Eliminating gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, and processed white sugar and specific natural supplements, I have gained an unbelievable amount of energy that lasts through the week. I no longer have breakouts, which I have been struggling with for about 4 years. I am not bloated because of my clean diet, and I no longer have stomach aches, which I would get almost every day.

Along with many positive physical changes which I have seen in myself in the past months, my mental, emotional, and spiritual capacity has increased immensely due to the personal coaching he gives me. I have discovered so much about myself, and I am on the way to recovery by healing myself before I move on to college. I owe it all to Dr. Agrios for helping me with what has been the most important journey of my life."

Amy Grossman - Business Woman

I’m so glad that I chose to work with Dr. Agrios – he’s passionate about what he has to share, is always available to answer my questions and is clearly committed to helping me achieve my best health.
His program is a wealth of information that focuses on physical, mental and, spiritual health and although I’ve learned a lot in these 3 areas, this program includes information and approaches that are new to me. 

One of the unique pieces of the program, was discovering my stress antidote which worked immediately.

Najwa Bahsoun, DDS – Dentist

“I"I have met Dr. Agrios through a professional networking group we both belonged to.. I have referred a few of my patients to his office and ultimately decided to become a patient myself as I was going through a health crisis.

His method of healing mind and body simultaneously works rather quickly as he guides you methodically through the simple steps of identifying the cause of the problem and then mapping the road to recovery and healing.

It is quite an enlightening experience due to the simplicity and effectiveness of the program. ".” 


Dr Agrios has saved my life, when no other doctor could find anything wrong with me. I had been going from one doctor to another, they all said their was nothing wrong.

I have Hashimoto's disease which is a thyroid disease, I had asked my doctors to check vitamin levels, T3, T4, and they told me they don't check any of that. Well I found Dr. Agrios, and he checked more then that. Dr. Agrios found quite a deficiency.

By the time I went to Dr. Agrios I was feeling like I was 80 years old. Stomach problems, pain, and exhaustion. I'm was 60 years old, had always been very active. This hit me hard.

Today I feel like I did when I was 30. I run, dance, exercise, and best of all, I can play with my granddaughter all day everyday,
Dr. Agrios, thank you for giving me my life back.

HARRY CHAMBARRY, DC, DABCN - Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist and ACTOR

Dr. Agrios' program enabled me to identify what was holding me back in life, so that I could direct my time and talent accordingly.

The Stress Antidote was the main reason I found that part of me. It was very easy to access and allowed me to be able to take control of whatever stresses that came my way.

Regarding the adage of what luck is; when preparation meets opportunity, Dr. Agrios helped me prepare for the opportunities that were already there, in addition to many new ones.

I highly recommend this product for anyone who wants to know what is holding them back from living their life to the fullest.


I was a mess when I met Dr. Agrios. I had chronic headaches, GI problems, high cholesterol and blood pressure, poor memory and cognition, was anxious and depressed, and taking ten medications. I had a history of morbid obesity for which I’d tried diets, Overeaters Anonymous, hypnotherapy, years of psychotherapy, and finally gastric bypass surgery. Although the surgery did help me lose a lot of weight, it didn’t fix the issues that made me overeat; I was putting the weight back on, and I was miserable.

From day one, Dr. Agrios made it clear that he was on my side, that he was not going to give up on me, and he was not going to let me give up on myself.

I had more than a few steps backward, but he taught me that a “slip” doesn’t have to lead to a long downhill slide, as I had always believed. I learned about my food sensitivities, especially gluten, about the malabsorption issues caused by the gastric bypass surgery, and about the supplements my body needs to function optimally.

Dr. Agrios’ attention to the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of my recovery made it different from those things I tried in the past. His life coaching has helped me turn my life around in a powerful way.

Yes, it’s wonderful that I’ve lost more than 50 pounds on this program, gone off several medications, and have no more GI problems. But more important to me is this: The woman who was impulsive, disorganized, insecure, and overly giving is now confident, balanced, thinking clearly, and setting appropriate boundaries. The woman who used to have piles of junk on her bed and a floor covered with shoes just sold her house in “meticulous, move-in condition.” I am now eating to live, rather than living to eat. Thank you, Dr. Agrios!

Turn Stress Into Success In One Simple Step! - From Dr. Philip Agrios

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